Today we are celebrating our love for dogs! We hope you will find love+inspiration in our finds… Woof!

Can you read between the lines?  This cool 8.5″ x 11″ print says “IN MY NEXT LIFE I WANT THE LIFE OF MY DOG”  See more…


These are a super cute and colorful way to show your doggie love! This is a set of 4 ‘Dog is Love’ print Scrabble neodymium magnets. Each magnet has been decoupaged with a print and then sealed with a thick coat of resin. See more…

This Dog House vinyl wall decal is personalized with your dogs name and won’t take up any floor space in your home. This removable wall sticker applique is adorable above the food/water dish in the kitchen, next to the dog bed or wherever your pup has a favorite spot to lay. See more…

Heinie Hooks are sooper fun wall hooks that add color, personality and most importantly, function, to your home or business! Originally designed with the pet lover in mind…personalize it with your pets name and hang the dog leash.  See more…

This is an 11″x14″ print that reads “He is your friend, partner, & defender– He’s your dog” on a striped background in the color of your choice! (Grape, teal, yellow, orange, berry).  See more…


Spot sniffed us out these super EcoCool recycled dog collars from Cycle Dog.  They make these collars from recycled rubber bike tires and they even put a bottle opener on them, Woof!  Check em out…

Why bike inner tubes? Tubes are flexible, durable and non-absorbent. Once deflated tubes are hard to recycle by conventional means. Our recycled bike tube collars are good for the planet, great for your dog and will last for years with proper care.

Water Collar -Quick drying, great for water dogs.


-Won’t absorb odors – Fights the stink!


-Rubber edges won’t fray

Look what Spot dug up over at one of our favorite shopping destinations  We love these cute recycled soda can dog magnets, and they are available in a bunch of different cans. At only $4 a pop we could decorate our whole fridge with these! Woof!

Pink Lemonade Recycled Soda Can Pop Tab Altered by ideasthatbloom. / CC BY 2.0

With summer just around the corner, this simple frozen treat is great for your dog on those hot summer days!  These treats are really easy to make and super nutritious as well!


4 cups plain yogurt
1 overripe banana
1/2 cup strawberries
1/2 cup raspberries
3 tbsp of natural peanut utter
1 tbsp flax-seed oil

Place all of the ingredients into your blender and blend until smooth. Pour into your ice-cube tray and freeze until solid. Give your dog 1-3 cubes for a treat but make sure they eat them outside (they will make a mess).

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I love helping dog owners find alternative methods of care for their pets.  My company, Spot Organics gives me a great platform to educate and share these methods with you.  This is one of the reasons I love to post at least one helpful natural dog care tip on Twitter each day.

I realize that a lot of our customers don’t follow us on Twitter or Facebook so I thought we would do a monthly round-up of our best Twitter tips just for you!

  • Use your nose to see if your dog has an ear infection. If an infection is brewing the ear may smell yeasty, moldy, or cheesy.
  • Think your dog might be depressed? Lack of appetite? Citrus oils can help ~ we love pink grapefruit and sweet orange!
  • Natural toothpaste for your dog: Mix baking soda, water and a drop of peppermint oil. Apply with gauze pad and scrub away plaque!
  • Got an allergic dog? Get them started on an essential fatty acid supplement to help reduce inflammation.
  • Did you know? Lavender oil isn’t just for relaxing. It’s a great skin healing oil that’s perfect for a sensitive or allergic dog.
  • Dog Tick Remedy: Place a drop of pure Lavender oil on the spot where the tick was attached to your dog to help prevent disease and infection.
  • Cut your dog’s nails after a bath. They will be softer and much easier to cut!
  • Rosemary leaves are a flea and tick repellent. Simply dust rosemary powder onto the pet or areas where the pet sleeps.

We hope you enjoyed this months tips and hopefully you learned something useful!  I encourage you to leave your own useful tips on natural dog care in our comments section below.  Until next month…

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It’s that time of year again when everything starts to bloom and come to life.  Spring is a time of renewal, but when your dog has seasonal allergies it can be anything but!  Spot starts with the paw licking, face rubbing, ear infections, and the constant biting and scratching.  It can be heartbreaking to watch your dog suffer like that, but there are some things you can do to help ease their symptoms, naturally of course!

1. Remove the offenders! When your dog goes outside their fur is like a magnet for pollen and other dander in the air.  After your dog comes in from a romp outside be sure you wipe their paws and fur off with a damp cloth to help remove any pollen that could irritate their skin.

2. Suck up the offenders! Everyone that steps inside your home could potentially be carrying pollen from the outdoors on their clothes and shoes.  You can help to remove that pollen by vacuuming more frequently. It’s always a good idea to have everyone take their shoes off at the door, and it makes for a cleaner house too!

3. Give em healthy fat! Starting your dog on an essential fatty acid supplement that contains both omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids has been shown to help reduce your dog’s skin inflammation.  These fats act as a natural anti-inflammitory, but don’t expect results overnight.  Your dog will have to be on these for a few months to see any results.

4. Give Spot a bath! Shampoo therapy works by helping to remove the offenders and also giving your pet some relief. Spot Organics shampoos are 100% toxin-free and contain healthy oils with essential fatty acids. Bathe at least once a week to help remove toxin build-up and calm down their itchy skin.

5. Avoid your morning walk! Pollen tends to accumulate during the morning hours between 5am and 10am so avoid spending too much time outside during this period.  On the other hand, rain helps to prevent pollen from spreading so it’s a perfect time for a walk after a rain shower.

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That’s right, we’re doing it again!  We are giving one lucky dog a bunch of Spot Organics products to help them stay clean and healthy this spring.  We think every dog deserves 100% natural, pure skin care products without any harmful chemicals? This is our second annual giveaway for a lucky dog and owner!

We offer a complete line of 100% toxic-free natural products for allergic dogs . All of our products are 100% natural, toxin-free and safe for your allergic or sensitive dog. Our shampoos are also bio-degradable so you won’t have to feel guilty when you watch it go down the drain!

We are giving away a complete “Clean Up” package valued at over $70!

  • (1) 4 oz Happy Spray – a refreshing spicy citrus scent designed to uplift your dogs spirit. (also works great as a daily freshening spray)
  • (1) 4 oz Bug Off Spray – keep bugs at bay with this great lemongrass scented spray.

How to enter:

  • Leave a comment telling us why your dog is deserving of a spring clean up from Spot Organics.
  • Earn a second entry by following us on twitter and tell us you did so in the comments section. Tip: let us know your twitter user name so we can confirm!
  • Earn a third entry by announcing our tweet to your followers. Just tweet {Giveaway} You could win FREE Spot Organics products for your dog! enter here” tell us you tweeted this in the comments section.
  • Get 5 extra entries if you post this on your blog. Don’t forget to tell us you did so in the comment section and leave the url to your post.

Contest will end on 04/15/2010 at 12 am EST. Winner will be announced on 4/19/09. Winner will be chosen randomly by Good luck!!!

Well I am ashamed to see that it has been many months sense I have written a blog post. I’m not surprised because I do tend to hibernate like a depressed bear during these bitter Pittsburgh winters.  Especially after the one we just had with over 4 ft of snow in February alone…burrrrr!

Spring is here, thankfully and  it’s nice to feel the warm sun on my face again.  I am {at last} starting to rejoin society again and hopefully my blogging as well.  Stay tuned for exciting happenings…

Kyla Top Dog


Your dogs coat is like a magnet for allergens, dust, and dander.  If your dog has allergies it is a must to get rid of these potential hazards with a weekly bath.  You might think bathing a dog this often will strip the natural oils from the skin and coat. This can happen and that is why you need to be very careful when choosing your shampoo.

For shampoo therapy to work you need to choose a 100% natural shampoo like Spot Organics No More Itch organic dog shampoo. The ingredients we use actually help your dog scratch less, and help to improve the condition of their skin and coat.

Our shampoos are detergent and sulfate free!  This is very important because detergents and sulfates in shampoos can cause skin irritation.  Not only are they 100% natural they also have wonderful healing abilities.  The olive and jojoba oils found in all of our dog shampoos act as a natural anti-inflamatory and are high in Omega Fatty Acids.  You are actually washing your dog with these fabulous oils, not a harsh soap.  They are easily rinsed from the coat meaning no residue will be left on the skin and coat after the bath.

Shampoo therapy, when done correctly and with the right shampoo, can greatly help reduce the number allergic outbreaks your dog has, and help to improve the condition of your dogs skin and coat.

Our shampoos are biodegradable and come in 100% recyclable bottles. Making them good for your dog and good for the environment! Check out the complete line of products at

chill_eo_webThat’s right… we will be donating 150 bottles of our Chill Essential Oil blend to rescue groups across the country! I have seen first hand how well this blend works on dogs that have been rescued from horrible conditions such as abuse, neglect, and mistreatment. Our mission is to help these amazing dogs get over their fear so they can get adopted into loving families.

Our Chill blend was the very first aromatherapy blend I ever created for my very fearful dog, Sasha. She had a fear of loud noises and the essential oils in the Chill blend really helped to keep her calm during thunderstorms and fireworks. We have been selling our Chill products for 6 years now and have seen it work wonders on all kinds of dog problems.

  • Hyperactive Dogs

If your dog is a crazy dog then this blend can help keep him calm and curb barking when he might get too excited. Examples include new visitors, car rides, at the dog park, and during walks.

  • During Training Sessions

This blend is used by many professional dog trainers. It can help keep Spot focused and calm during a training session.

  • Fearful Dogs

As we said above this blend is great for dogs afraid of people and loud noises by creating feelings of love and security!

  • At the Dog Park

Massage a few drops into the chest and neck right before letting Spot loose at the dog park and he will stay nice and calm around all those other dogs.

  • In Automobiles/Planes

Place a few drops on a tissue and place in your cars vents to help circulate the calming essential oils through the air. When traveling on a plane place the tissue in the crate and directly on your dog to help them remain calm in such a stressful situation.

  • At the Vets Office

A lot of dogs have a fear of the vet. I have seen dogs try and dig their way out they are so scared. Our Chill blend has helped many dogs overcome their fear of the vet!

  • Separation Anxiety

Place the oil blend on your dog before you leave to help them cope. You can also use our Chill Spray on bedding or anywhere your dog likes to crash along with the oil placed directly on your dog.


Rescued dogs that have been abused and neglected need to regain trust. The Chill Essential Oil blend when used with a loving touch (massage) can work wonders! To use just place a few drops of the Chill oil into your palm and massage the neck and chest of your dog while speaking softly with loving words. After you have massaged the oil in, cup your hands and place over the nose. The oil will work in a few seconds to help reassure feelings of love and security. You can do this as often as necessary to help your dog overcome their fear.

If you think the dogs in your care would benefit from our Chill Oil please read below for details on how you can get your free bottle!

Please send a request on your rescue organizations letterhead asking us for the donation of (1) bottle of Chill Essential Oil blend.

Send it to:

Spot Organics | 774 Shady Drive East | Pittsburgh, PA | 15228

We will send you the free bottle along with some information on canine aromatherapy and massage until we have sent out all 150 bottles. If we receive your request after all of the bottles have been given out, we will keep your request on file for the next time we do this donation. If you have any questions please email us at contact [at]

If you know of any rescue organizations that might be interested please forward this information to them.

Thank You!

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